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The people.

Janet from Elephant & Castle These are the thoughts, frustrations, complaints, opinions and points of Janet: too much development is happening at one time kicking out the locals and the small businesses. removing the existing businesses by raising the rents to push them out really they don’t want to have the existing businesses in their new posh The colleges are allowing for it not looking out for the students got a pay check from the developers to turn the current campus into luxury apartment want to attract rich students with a new fancier area The LCC space should… More

What if it all collapses?

What if London became a solitary nation? Become octilavo vegetarian to better support the city. Egg farms in parks and on roofs. Dairy cows in parks. Local fishing. Rooftop farms for vegetation. Bee keeping in building, on roofs and in parks. What if, a black market for meat developed? Only the super rich could afford the black market meat. What if, disease due to diet went away? Lower diabetes, heart disease and obesity. What would happen to chain restaurants? With no source to buy meat, the chains would most likely close,… More


On day one, I felt connected with Kate. Normally in the past, I would find myself bored halfway through a yoga class wondering “when will this end?” But I could sense immediately that this would not be the case today, and I was correct. Kate’s soothing voice and creative flow swept my thoughts outside of the class on a playful journey through the busy streets of my mind. Before I knew it, we were in shavasana. I found myself in front of the computer that evening going through the schedule and seeing where I could squeeze class with Kate into… More

Class with Ellie

Ellie is so small in the cavernous white studio, but her energy is not to be contested. I immediately can sense and feel it as I walk into the room—it’s calming, yet invigorating. We start today seated with our legs crossed as usual, but in silence, only being able to hear our breathing—deep breath in and RRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH as we deeply sigh with our exhales. The room is full of the sound of each of us releasing the chains the world has used to bound our inner spirits. There are several rounds of this, until the black sludge of emotion dissipates… More

Ana Forrest

As the author of Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit and creator of Forrest yoga, Ana has set out to help heal the spirit of people worldwide. Forrest yoga is intensely active both physically and spiritually/emotionally. Throughout the postures and breathing the intention is to realise the the emotional and mental blocks that are dictating our daily lives. The core pillars of the practice are breath, strength, integrity and spirit. BREATH: Using breath to connect to your inner body and mind. Breathing in and then exhaling loudly and fully all of the emotional stress… More

Scooby Snacks.

For homework this week I was given a Servo to play with. I chose to figure out controlling it with a potentiometer, using doggie snacks as a prop for a laugh. I began with just figuring out how to wire and code for the Servo to work automatically. Next, I added in the potentiometer to control the swing arm—doggie snacks under control. Finally, I added my very confused dog as a user of the #snackmobile to make it more fun.   Here is the code:    … More

The Growroom

The Growroom IKEA brings the plans you need to get a vertical grow-op in your neighbourhood…except you’ll need a professional fabricator to cut all of your plywood and possibly and engineering degree to assemble it all. Despite this, it is a good step in the direction of urban gardening. More

1st look at P

Pete is a soft-spoken 28 year old that has been practising for 3 years now. Prior to his lifestyle as a yogi, he was part of the world of BMX. He was particularly a part of the trail-riding scene in South London. By being part of this scene, it encompassed the entire BMX lifestyle—riding, digging, beer, weed, drugs, chicks and the general disregard for the rules that come with this subculture. It was after a series of events causing emotional duress over the course of 3 years that inspired Pete to begin a life of healing. First removing sex to gain… More

The difficulty of finding the tribe.

My frustrations are at an all-time high. I have emailed, I have called, I have tried to drop-in for face-to-face conversations. But to my disappointment I cannot gain traction with any of the targets I had for collaborating with any avenue of my ‘tribe’. FARM: is focusing on partnerships with larger companies to back their initiatives or to find spaces to start-up more farms. Growing Underground is a start-up that is rapidly gaining acknowledgement worldwide and so they are focused on building relationships with companies to sustain and support the growth of their company’s visions. BedZed is just a HUGE… More