Pete is a soft-spoken 28 year old that has been practising for 3 years now. Prior to his lifestyle as a yogi, he was part of the world of BMX. He was particularly a part of the trail-riding scene in South London. By being part of this scene, it encompassed the entire BMX lifestyle—riding, digging, beer, weed, drugs, chicks and the general disregard for the rules that come with this subculture. It was after a series of events causing emotional duress over the course of 3 years that inspired Pete to begin a life of healing. First removing sex to gain better control of his inner-being. Then he discovered yoga and the emotional healing it brought with it. Next was veganism, then sobriety and finally a full 180º to where he is now. Focused on life-healing and meditation.

Here is an example of one of the practises Pete uses as part of his healing process. It is a form of meditation used to be able to control body temperature changes called Tum-mo. This is used by Buddhist monks to be able to tap into a world within our minds that is unaffected by the emotions we undergo as a result to our surrounding world.