My frustrations are at an all-time high. I have emailed, I have called, I have tried to drop-in for face-to-face conversations. But to my disappointment I cannot gain traction with any of the targets I had for collaborating with any avenue of my ‘tribe’.

FARM: is focusing on partnerships with larger companies to back their initiatives or to find spaces to start-up more farms.

Growing Underground is a start-up that is rapidly gaining acknowledgement worldwide and so they are focused on building relationships with companies to sustain and support the growth of their company’s visions.

BedZed is just a HUGE system like I initially was worried about. After many email correspondences, my access to them is limited to going on a paid tour of the facilities where they tell you about the sustainability and history of the community—this is cool, but not really the level of interaction I need for a tribe.

I believe I have made the mistake of trying to take on a system—a gigantic multi-limbed social beast of a system. I don’t offer a big enough gain or impact on this system for it to want to work with me or to allow me in. Not to mention that my personal vision doesn’t exactly align with the vision of these companies. In the sense of wanting to bring about changes in society to have a more sustainable future we are on the same page, but the vision of educating the youth for the future isn’t one that is shared.

I have mixed feeling of disappointment and failure. I’m frustrated that I cannot seem to solve how to get into this ‘tribe’ that I have in my head. I am not giving up on this vision for the longterm, but for the sake of this project and it’s time limits I am going to take my wanting to create this tribe as a personal mission to work on for the long-term outside of this unit. I spoke to my old professor in NYC that I worked with on the Science Barge and I think I have to start an initiative on my own that creates this tribe, as I cannot seem to find this tribe in existence yet.

Luckily, for personal reasons and as a back-up to this I was simultaneously working on collaborations with a yogi tribe. Not the overarching system of yoga, but a specific group of yogis within London. Focusing on the yoga beliefs of Jivamukti and Forrest, vegan living and coming together as a community both physically and spiritually. I have been attending meetings, events and potlucks with this group. So, I will move my focus here.