On day one, I felt connected with Kate. Normally in the past, I would find myself bored halfway through a yoga class wondering “when will this end?” But I could sense immediately that this would not be the case today, and I was correct. Kate’s soothing voice and creative flow swept my thoughts outside of the class on a playful journey through the busy streets of my mind. Before I knew it, we were in shavasana.

I found myself in front of the computer that evening going through the schedule and seeing where I could squeeze class with Kate into my days. After 30 minutes of, ‘hmmm…I could move this here, and do that instead there’ I had incorporated class with Kate into nearly every day of my schedule. After week one, it become the marquee hour to my day—the calm voice and challenging flow that would right my mind and body to get through the rest of the hours.

After about 3 weeks, I learned I had also become a marquee figure to Kate’s day as well. I walked into the studio that morning, greeted my the familiar hello, and in addition to it, “I’m so happy to see you this morning, Maureen. You coming daily has really brought me such a smile, I just go ‘eeee’ when you walk in.”

I feel part of the tribe. Namaste.