Janet from Elephant & Castle

These are the thoughts, frustrations, complaints, opinions and points of Janet:

  1. too much development is happening at one time
  1. kicking out the locals and the small businesses.
    1. removing the existing businesses by raising the rents to push them out
        1. really they don’t want to have the existing businesses in their new posh
  2. The colleges are allowing for it
    1. not looking out for the students
    2. got a pay check from the developers to turn the current campus into luxury apartment
    3. want to attract rich students with a new fancier area
  3. The LCC space should be used for the community events
  4. why can’t the building go somewhere else? Knocked down the community cinema for the new campus
  5. The London Plan
      1. 35% of new developments were affordable housing
          1. it isn’t affordable to social housing
  6. There’s a housing crisis is diabolical
      1. $250k for an affordable flat
  7. Council waiting list once you’re priced out of your neighbourhood due to gentrification — can take years to get a housing benefit
  8. If your current place is knocked down the government has to provide you a new place to live, but it doesn’t have to be in the same community
      1. new job
      2. new schools
      3. breaks up communities
  9. Southwark counsellors working with developers to kick the working class out of their areas

The Other’s:


Colombian man, Elephant & Castle

I want to learn how I can use the internet for things, what can you teach me? The man in charge of Elephant & Castle told me that you can teach me things, I want to learn.

Indian woman, Elephant & Castle

What is happening here? What are you doing? Are you doing art? Can I do art right now? Will this become a communication class?

So, the art school is moving into here and then the students will be here? OH the whole campus is moving over. Wow, that means lots of young students.

There will be a lot of teenagers and students here now. (rolls her eyes)

Turkish rudeboy, Elephant & Castle

Can you tell me who rents this place? UAL does, the university across the street.

Oh cool, which department is in charge? I think it’s actually run by the overall school administration. The school uses it for all of the different courses to have shows, studios to work in and exhibitions.