So, I have realised the light sensor that I was looking at in the last prototype is not going to work for this wearable. The purpose of the wearable is to help with meditation, AND what if someone decides to meditate in the dark—light sensing, I don’t think so!

I have moved onto the MPR121 touch sensor. I already know that the LilyPad MP3 is re-programmable from the prototype with the light sensors (and the rotary board code that’s in the getting-started write-up on sparkfun) so I know ultimately I’ll be able to play with the code to use the MPR121 with the LilyPad. For now though, first step for me is how to actually use this sensor.

I found the hookup guide and libraries on SparkFun for the MPR121 and Arduino UNO board. After hooking it all up, I was able to get successful touch serial read-outs.


Prototype 3: touchie feelie 2