Using an FTDI board along with the LilyPad MP3 board the MPR121 capacitive sensor WILL work, but quite unreliably. First issue I keep running into is that the LilyPad throws errors about 3-4 seconds into playing a track when connected to the FTDI vs. using a lithium battery. The second, and more important issue is that the MPR is overly sensitive and has 12 nodes, when I only really need 2 nodes. This keeps throwing unwanted touch calls causing the tracks to trigger incorrectly.

Another issue I seem to be facing in my original planning, is with the fabric speakers. In order to get a sound that you can A: hear and B: decipher what it is, the fabric needs to be incredibly stiff. This doesn’t work well in a garment that is intended to be used comfortably for relaxation during meditation. I think if I had access to R&D on creating a fabric where the speaker could be weaved in from the loom, or some other textile solution, this could be a viable solution for an end product.

I am going to try out several different sensors and for now, use headphones so I can quickly prototype.