For this final prototype, I steered away from my original idea of having a blanket/poncho, and opted to use a lighter more fluid fabric. The reasoning behind this is fairly simple:

  1. This lightweight fabric can barely be felt on the skin causing no distractions or discomfort while trying to meditate
  2. It can be packed very small and put into a bag for when you might need it on-the-go
  3. Having a fabric that looks like a garment makes it more inconspicuous if your in need of some calming breathing whilst out and about—no one would know that your meditating!
  4. Can be worn during any season without worries of becoming too hot in the warmer months or it being too bulky to layer on top of during the colder months—this also allows it to accommodate a wider breadth of climates across the globe


Blanket — when using this fabric, it confines the wearable to home due to the fact that users felt a blanket would be too cumbersome to bring with them.

  • portability became an important aspect of this wearable after several users said they would like to have it with them to be able to find calmness in situations on-the-go (ie: before a big meeting at work or calming on public transportation)

Kimono — the second idea for fabric was to use a kimono due to it being similar to the robes worn by a monk during meditation. There are many fabrics that can be used for a kimono like cotton and silk, which are both lightweight and breathable. However, the styling of a traditional kimono doesn’t lend itself to being fashionably discreet. The arms on a kimono are too wide and if in the case of wanting to layer under something in the colder months while on-the-go (ie: overcoat) the sleeves would cause an issue.  Also, these are quite pricey.

  • The idea of it being a lightweight fabric that easily can be thrown on and is light enough to carry around without being a bother is the positive takeaway and inspiration from the kimono


As you can see in the image for this post, I opted to use a very lightweight synthetic blend. I chose to use a fashionable garment with embroidered detail for it to blend in as an item that a female would fashionably wear in an outfit (as for men, a second prototype needs to be designed).

  • lightweight and easy to throw on (at home or on-the-go)
  • fashionable making it inconspicuous while out of the house
  • as comfortable as a light robe to meditate within the home as well


Will test this prototype at the IBM critique and see if my choice of fabric and style is on the right track.