This is me.

Hello grad school. Hello interaction. Hello England with my 2 dogs and a dream.

I have been a nomadic artist since I came stomping out of NYC wearing Doc Martens and Vintage Chanel at 18. Designing my way through a decade of Ads. Artventuring through Europe. Chasing waterfalls in Iceland. Moving all over the globe in search for what is home. It has been chaotic and at times exhausting, but is the catalyst to get me here. I shaved off the layers of things I hated along the way and layered up on the coats I love.

I love art. I love technology. I love adventure and traveling. I love challenges and learning.

This is me. 1

My work is an interwoven tapestry of experience and perspective, multifaceted and globally inspired. Ever-hungry for the next great idea, I will go to great lengths to produce what I love, whether it takes me to the end of the block or the end of the world.