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Meat the Future (exhibit)

In June, I was able to check out the Meat the Future exhibit at the Cube Design museum in the Netherlands. Next Nature Network brought this vision to life. The exhibit highlights different food inventions for cultured meat and explores their potential. The exhibit is based around the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, which has 45 recipes for speculative dishes that could be brought to us by cultured meat. For example, one artist Alberto Gu created Knitted Protein, which speculates that we can culture strands of meat proteins and fat into a yarn. Then using this yarn… More

Meat the Future (documentary)

This documentary looks into the quickly-growing world of cultured meat. It follows the main companies pursuing ways to get this to the market, highlighting Uma Valeti’s start up Memphis Meats. Valeti came from a background in cardiology and was inspired by the emergence of the clean meat movement as a solve for future food shortage. Like many other’s his background in medicine bridged the gap between using human stem cells in medical procedures and creating meat from animal stem cells. More

The Future of Meat (installation)

The Future of Meat is an installation by Madelaine and Anna Berlis. It visualises five possible scenarios around meat consumption in the future. Similar to the research I have done on population and food shortages, it targets 2050. The point of the installation is to inform viewers about different versions of our future dependent on our decisions now. You walk through five rooms during the installation and each has a fictional film about one of the five scenarios: insect meat, cultured meat, less and local meat, no meat (veganism) and doing nothing (AKA continuing the way we… More

Projection project.

I want to make people realise and understand the human effect on our world and what the future will look like is we make some small changes. Looking at cultured meat as one such change to open up the thinking. Assumptions: 1. Cultured meat exists on the consumer market 2. Urbanisation increases Projection: People form communities around the ability to grow culture meat and farm. My thesis is a projection of how trends in urbanisation and meat-eating along with population growth will effect how we live/cook/eat years down the road. I will… More

Breeeeth, the final.

Pipe is a masters student that is beyond stressed in the midst of her final hand-ins before going into summer. Next up on the list of things to do is move out of her flat and start the thesis for her FMP—needless to say she feels like she doesn’t have a second to even breathe. While working on submitting her portfolio, she was in the studios at school and just on her last nerve with stress—even if it was a quick one, Pipe needed a break. She went out to the MA space to grab her BREEEETH robe and take… More

Interview with Dr. Mark Post

Is growing meat at home a possibility? Yes, technically speaking growing meat from your home can be done. The process to grow cultured meat from stem-cells is something a person with no background could learn to do in roughly a week. The setup required to grow is also something a DIY person could make or someone who is less DIY could order and setup at home—bioreactor, incubator and petri dishes to name a few of the materials. The two biggest issues with a home setup are firstly, you need to have enough space to house these machines. It would require… More

IBM Critique and Testing

Testing with the group, tutors and Rania and Ricci from IBM was very successful and insightful. Across the board, all users found the wearable to bring an instant feeling of calmness. Here are some of the take-aways that will be included for the Ars Electronica prototype: Symbiotic: One user asked me, “Why haven’t you thought to use a more symbiotic approach where the sounds are based on something like your heart rate pattern or your own breathing?” The purpose of this garment is to help you find a sense of calm whilst in the midst of anxious situations, stress or… More

Fabric decisions

For this final prototype, I steered away from my original idea of having a blanket/poncho, and opted to use a lighter more fluid fabric. The reasoning behind this is fairly simple: This lightweight fabric can barely be felt on the skin causing no distractions or discomfort while trying to meditate It can be packed very small and put into a bag for when you might need it on-the-go Having a fabric that looks like a garment makes it more inconspicuous if your in need of some calming breathing whilst out and about—no one would know that your meditating! Can be… More

Meat: the narrative

Hey, Eva! How is it going? Well, I guess that is kind of a silly question for me to ask you since I’m nearly 10 years ahead of you in the future and I already know how it went in 2017! Anyway, it is 2025 and our source for mince meat is cultured. We order these petri dishes with the stem cells and growth cells necessary to insert into our growth machines that sit on our countertops right next to the kettle, microwave or toaster in our kitchens. I took a home video unpacking my supply from the lab and… More

Fabric Button Success.

Putting together a quick and dirty fabric button, I was able to test whether or not a button would be able to play the track. Unfortunately the sound is extremely quiet for the headphones, but once I squeeze together the fabric button, the gong track plays in the headphones. More