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BedZed is too much of a large-scale system to be a tribe, but still a good research resource for how sustainability is being achieved on a large scale in a large city. BedZed is London’s first EcoVillage. It is a massive and multi-use community containing homes, offices, a college and community centres. The ethos behind BedZed is to see a world that exists with thriving regional economies that can provide for the population within them without destruction of the larger environment. Truly backing the belief in the fact we have only one planet. The community provides the tools… More


Another urban farm! Growing Underground is the world’s first subterranean farm. It is located in a forgotten about WWII bomb shelter that is 100ft below the London Tube in Clapham. They specialise in growing various micro-greens and lettuces in massive hydroponic beds the length of the tunnel. The main priority for GU is using sustainable practices to fulfil the produce demands of local wholesalers and restaurants. Their practices reduce water (70% less consumption than traditional farming) and the carbon footprint by limiting their food miles. Growing Underground would be a great resource for a tribe in learning how we can creatively… More


Right around the corner from me in Dalston, is east london’s largest grow-op, FARM: The ethos of FARM: is in tune with my hopes for a tribe. They believe that agriculture needs to come into the urban city to bring farm-fresh produce to our doorsteps in a sustainable way as the rise of populations all over the world effects everyone’s access to food. Making urban farming accessible, economical and ecological. They successfully have an indoor hydro and aquaponic farm that provides nearly all of the produce for their cafe. This is my first contact to start a tribe. I have… More

my tribe-ologie

My ideal tribe is using sustainable farming practices to educate inner-city kids on both nutrition, sustainability and farming skills. I did this in NYC on something called the Science Barge, which I worked with a team to build a sustainable solar-powered kitchen in. Groups of inner-city kids would come onto the barge and we would give them a tour of the greenhouses. On that tour, the kids would learn about the different fruits and vegetables, how they’re sustainably growing, wind-power, solar-power, the grey water collection system set-up, etc. Then after picking fruits and vegetables, we would use the solar-powered kitchen to… More

What is a tribe?

In our society today, there seems to be culture, systems and tribes. The world historically was comprised of many neo-tribes all containing their own cultures and making up their own societies. With the ease of moving around, the westernisation of mass societies and the ease at which we can share information, styles, ideas, etc in the modern age, the tribe has changed. Now we have large societies comprised of vast sweeping cultures. Sometimes a society draws upon cultural aspects from differing places, like the effect that Eastern medicine has had on modern day western culture. For example, acupuncture has made… More


The childish enjoyment that I get playing with this is indescribable. We have only begun on the basics in our physical computing class, but it gives me the same joy that tying your own shoelaces for the first time. It’s the simple things really. Here I had a bit of fun playing with the Redman song “Tonight’s Da Night” and working with controlling an LED light. Here is the code: #define ledPin 13 void setup() { pinMode ( ledPin, OUTPUT ); } void loop() { digitalWrite( ledPin, HIGH ); delay( 100 ); digitalWrite( ledPin, LOW… More

Speculation beginning from the Centre

The original Elephant & Castle Centre was built post WWII on bombed-out property and was the first ever “American” indoor shopping mall in Europe. This caused uncertainty amongst people of the time because it was something completely new and unseen. it had no windows the entrances to stores faced the inside vs. the streets no one had any idea what was happening inside of the centre from the outside what would this impact be on the neighbourhood stylistically it was a sore thumb in terms of architecture In a way, this was a stochastic social science experiment—interjecting an unknown event… More

Beyond Radical Design

Notes on Beyond Radical Design Dunne & Raby Speculative design has the ability to change our values and beliefs. Not about thinking of the solution to a specific problem, but changing the mindset that originally causes the problem Changing our attitudes to not be dependent on whatever is currently existing as the problem Capitalism has become a monster that swallowed up the socio/economic ways of thought during the 20th century big corporations have bought out the opinions of the governing masses (shutting out the voices for change) creates a society of individuals v. community driven (person comes before family)  … More


What if…design was more than just a sexy product that is easy to use? What if…design was about ideas that can solve issues? What if…design was about solutions to current world issues? What if…design was about how to live a one planet lifestyle? How to have more love and less hate? How to end hunger and war? WHAT IF?!? That is exactly what Speculative Design is capable of. In Speculative Everything by Dunne & Raby they propose a whole new realm of design where instead of thinking about the immediate design problems and solutions to create a tangible user experience… More