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The house as we know it?

Filmed in 3 separate rooms in the house, this short will look at how the future of the home might look. The main focus is on how we incorporate cultured meat into our homes in the future. Throughout the film, the meat is represented with a glowing light. There is a combination of the home as we know it now and new/foreign elements from our future. The whole film is shot in silence with the perspective being watching the members of the family living within the home from behind. The family dog is the only character to move from one room… More

Prototype 2 in the works.

I have sorted out all of the pieces I will need and the code to be able to trigger the tracks using light sensors. HOWEVER, I have been hitting a lot of road blocks, one major one being that I am finding it difficult to find a 5V FTDI board that connects to the LilyPad. It’s time to call in the big guns (aka my tutors) to troubleshoot this. I also cannot get my hands on the small speakers and will start to look into making fabric DIY speakers now instead. This is the code that I am… More

Protoype 1.

Step 1: Make a sound. I have been playing with prototyping using the new LilyPad MP3 trigger. For the final project, this will be mounted inside of the meditation poncho along with 3 light or touch sensors and 2 speakers. The LilyPad MP3 is great because it uses a MicroSD to store up to 5 tracks which play based off of 5 different trigger points on the LilyPad. The board comes ready to hook up and play, but for the next prototype there will need to be an additional control board to tie in the sensors. I recorded a track of… More

Interact & Inspire

I approached one member of UAMSA, with interest to join them for my own healing. And he was my initial source of primary research. After several weeks observing and participating I began to interview other members in the Tribe about their journeys. I’ve combined my primary research of them with my own trauma and experience as well as my personal research into these methodologies, spiritual beliefs and therapies to become fully immersed in their tribe. I want to work with UAMSA  to create a wearable containing sensors at the specific… More

Hamsa & Forrest

Forrest Yoga is renowned for being physically intense to connect with your feelings and work through physical and emotional trauma. Hamsa meditation connects you to your bodies energy drawing strength from your breath HHHAAAAAAMMMMM being the exhale and SAAAAAA is the inhale. Havening which literally is a verb meaning “to put into a safe place” is a psychosensory therapy where certain sensory points on the body are lightly rubbed. It’s application is for emotional disturbances and psychological trauma. At first I found it was difficult to do and was self-conscious, but then when… More


Sharing feelings and emotional support is exactly what brought me to the tribe I am focusing on, UAMSA. Everyone in the group, has suffered  from extreme emotional abuse and trauma but now are using a holistic lifestyle and both their community and a global community to make positive change. Most of them live together in an ashram style retreat in South London. They use Forrest Yoga and Hamsa Meditation practises combined with Havening to help each other work through the trauma. More

But what is the kitchen anyway?

How will our current eating habits/craving effect our food sources in the future and eventually impact the design of our homes? What is the future of meat? How are we going to solve the unsustainability of meat for our futures? Is veganism a solution to the eventual run-out of meat? What will our kitchens look like in the future? If we cannot sustain livestock for the future, what can we substitute it with? Is cultured meat the answer to the future? How do we design our lives to incorporate invitro meat? What will our homes be like in the future when… More

Solving the future through story-telling

So I am working on what the future of the kitchen will be with the creation of cultured meat. My idea is that our kitchens could become a mini-lab, think you open your fridge and you slip in a tray of stem cells that you ordered from the store into the growth slot and then your meat grows. I want to show how this is incorporated into our ‘known’ home/family lifestyle. So I intend to have 3 short films occurring in 3 rooms in the house that project simultaneously. Rooms will be: 1. the living room where the kids are playing with the… More