Project: FMP

Interview with Dr. Mark Post

Is growing meat at home a possibility? Yes, technically speaking growing meat from your home can be done. The process to grow cultured meat from stem-cells is something a person with no background could learn to do in roughly a week. The setup required to grow is also something a DIY person could make or someone who is less DIY could order and setup at home—bioreactor, incubator and petri dishes to name a few of the materials. The two biggest issues with a home setup are firstly, you need to have enough space to house these machines. It would require… More

But what is the kitchen anyway?

How will our current eating habits/craving effect our food sources in the future and eventually impact the design of our homes? What is the future of meat? How are we going to solve the unsustainability of meat for our futures? Is veganism a solution to the eventual run-out of meat? What will our kitchens look like in the future? If we cannot sustain livestock for the future, what can we substitute it with? Is cultured meat the answer to the future? How do we design our lives to incorporate invitro meat? What will our homes be like in the future when… More

InVitro Kebab

London-based designer and researcher, David Benqué, has created a speculative solution to how in-vitro meats could be designed for consumption. Through the project InVitro Kebab he tells the story of how a scientist/researcher was able to take his work out of the lab and into the streets. The story starts off with the scientist at a PETA demonstration, after he had won $1 million from the organisation for creating in-vitro meat. Their initial ask was for chicken, but they accepted his kebab meat instead. Benqué continues the story by walking you through to the ‘A-ha!’ moment the scientist has while he… More

Feeding the future.

Historically, humans have relied on agriculture, specifically the farming of animals, to provide a  food source. The film Cowspiracy by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn takes a look at how over time, populations have grown exponentially along with an increased craving for larger portions of meat and the sustainability problems this will cause. It ultimately is a cause for a slew of issues in today’s society from world hunger to climate change to the sustainability of being able to feed this influx in meat demand. For example, there is enough food currently being farmed in the world to… More