Project: Physical computing.

Scooby Snacks.

For homework this week I was given a Servo to play with. I chose to figure out controlling it with a potentiometer, using doggie snacks as a prop for a laugh. I began with just figuring out how to wire and code for the Servo to work automatically. Next, I added in the potentiometer to control the swing arm—doggie snacks under control. Finally, I added my very confused dog as a user of the #snackmobile to make it more fun.   Here is the code:    … More


The childish enjoyment that I get playing with this is indescribable. We have only begun on the basics in our physical computing class, but it gives me the same joy that tying your own shoelaces for the first time. It’s the simple things really. Here I had a bit of fun playing with the Redman song “Tonight’s Da Night” and working with controlling an LED light. Here is the code: #define ledPin 13 void setup() { pinMode ( ledPin, OUTPUT ); } void loop() { digitalWrite( ledPin, HIGH ); delay( 100 ); digitalWrite( ledPin, LOW… More