Project: Speculative design.

Meat: the narrative

Hey, Eva! How is it going? Well, I guess that is kind of a silly question for me to ask you since I’m nearly 10 years ahead of you in the future and I already know how it went in 2017! Anyway, it is 2025 and our source for mince meat is cultured. We order these petri dishes with the stem cells and growth cells necessary to insert into our growth machines that sit on our countertops right next to the kettle, microwave or toaster in our kitchens. I took a home video unpacking my supply from the lab and… More

The house as we know it?

Filmed in 3 separate rooms in the house, this short will look at how the future of the home might look. The main focus is on how we incorporate cultured meat into our homes in the future. Throughout the film, the meat is represented with a glowing light. There is a combination of the home as we know it now and new/foreign elements from our future. The whole film is shot in silence with the perspective being watching the members of the family living within the home from behind. The family dog is the only character to move from one room… More

Solving the future through story-telling

So I am working on what the future of the kitchen will be with the creation of cultured meat. My idea is that our kitchens could become a mini-lab, think you open your fridge and you slip in a tray of stem cells that you ordered from the store into the growth slot and then your meat grows. I want to show how this is incorporated into our ‘known’ home/family lifestyle. So I intend to have 3 short films occurring in 3 rooms in the house that project simultaneously. Rooms will be: 1. the living room where the kids are playing with the… More

The people.

Janet from Elephant & Castle These are the thoughts, frustrations, complaints, opinions and points of Janet: too much development is happening at one time kicking out the locals and the small businesses. removing the existing businesses by raising the rents to push them out really they don’t want to have the existing businesses in their new posh The colleges are allowing for it not looking out for the students got a pay check from the developers to turn the current campus into luxury apartment want to attract rich students with a new fancier area The LCC space should… More

What if it all collapses?

What if London became a solitary nation? Become octilavo vegetarian to better support the city. Egg farms in parks and on roofs. Dairy cows in parks. Local fishing. Rooftop farms for vegetation. Bee keeping in building, on roofs and in parks. What if, a black market for meat developed? Only the super rich could afford the black market meat. What if, disease due to diet went away? Lower diabetes, heart disease and obesity. What would happen to chain restaurants? With no source to buy meat, the chains would most likely close,… More

The Growroom

The Growroom IKEA brings the plans you need to get a vertical grow-op in your neighbourhood…except you’ll need a professional fabricator to cut all of your plywood and possibly and engineering degree to assemble it all. Despite this, it is a good step in the direction of urban gardening. More